About Neda

Hi! I'm Neda!

But I'm better known amongst my kids' friends as 'Mama K' - and that's what I primarily am, a mama.

I'm a blogger from Dallas, Texas with a passion for life, family and fashion.  

After 24 years of marriage, 4 pregnancies, 3 kids, 7 homes in 2 states and a few career changes - I feel as though I've learned enough to fill an encyclopedia.


Although a teacher by trade, I have done a little of everything - from corporate positions to PTO President, from realtor to blogger and some other things I'm probably forgetting! Some might call me a jack of all trades.

I’ve always been the one people who seek advice, need suggestions or level headed reasoning go to. As humbled and fortunate as I am to have had the tests and joys of this beautiful life, it would seem selfish of me to not share some of the lessons I managed to learn! Life with Mama K is my way of sharing my thoughts & experiences as we all go through this crazy life together! 

I look forward to sharing all that I am able to with you in the hopes that I can in some way, make your life easier or at the very least, brighten your day. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey! Hugs!


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