Hi I'm Mama K

Hi! I'm Neda!

But I'm better known amongst my kids' friends as 'Mama K' - and that's what I primarily am, a mama.

My husband and I have 2 teenagers, Neaka (pronounced Nee-ka) and Kian (pronounced Key-on), a first grader, Ellie, and a dog, Tess.  

After 24 years of marriage, 4 pregnancies, 3 kids, 7 homes in 2 states and a few career changes - I feel as though I've learned enough to fill an encyclopedia.

I’ve always been the one people who seek advice, need suggestions or level headed reasoning go to. As humbled and fortunate as I am to have had the tests and joys of this beautiful life, it would seem selfish of me to not share some of the lessons I managed to learn! I look forward to sharing all that I am able to with you in the hopes that I can in some way, make your life easier or at the very least, brighten your day. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey! Hugs!


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