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Three Ways to Wear a Black Dress

Three Ways to Wear a Black Dress

Black is my favorite color.  I feel safe wearing it and honestly, I don’t feel you can go wrong with it. Needless to say, wearing the same color everyday can become redundant. One of my favorite pieces is this black dress by Vince.  It’s one of my favorite pieces right now and I love that I totally get my money’s worth with it’s versatility.  There are no limits with how you can style this dress, but here are three ways I have styled it.


Typically, when we think of a black dress, we think either a cocktail party or a formal event. That's not always the case. I think the key is to accessorize and/or add color if possible whenever wearing black.

When I meet with clients, I do tend to dress a bit more formally. Wearing this dress with a statement necklace and black pumps, makes it a classic outfit.  I try to add a pop of color with my accessories and this red Kate Spade purse adds the perfect touch.


Meeting friends for lunch or going to a less formal work meeting allows me to dress down a bit without the formality of heels. Throwing on a denim jacket and a pair of wedges give a more casual look, yet you can still get away with the look being a tad more dressy.


When running errands or going to a school volunteer shift, I don't necessarily want to show up in sweats or a t-shirt. I can dress down the dress by wearing converse sneakers, and wrapping a sweater or sweatshirt around my shoulders or waist. Hairstyle and accessories can also give off a more playful and easy look.

Super simple tweaks you can make from the inventory already existing in your closet allowing you flexibility and versatility with certain key clothing pieces.

If you have any suggestions or other ways to style this black dress, leave a comment - would love to here your thoughts!

Hugs, Mama K

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