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5 Reasons Why I Love MM. LaFleur's Bento Box

5 Reasons Why I Love MM. LaFleur's Bento Box

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As a working mom, I am constantly struggling trying to take care of everyone with very little time left to take care of me. Especially when it involves buying clothes. 

When I came across MM. LaFleur, I was impressed by the concept. I immediately liked the option of ordering directly online, visiting a pop up store, or ordering their Bento Box where you answer some key survey questions, and are then sent a box with several pieces. You pay for what you keep and ship any unwanted pieces back to MM. LaFleur for free. If you want another box (also called Re-Bento) just ask for it. It's not a subscription service where you have to accept a box every month. You make the request whenever you feel the need to add to your existing wardrobe.

I will tell you, this is the only online clothing company box I have tried thus far that has nailed every single piece. Every single piece in my box I liked and fit perfectly. For someone with high standards and expectations, I was floored. 

However, my favorite part of MM. LaFleur's Bento Box is that not only am I setting myself up for a wardrobe perfect for work, but the pieces easily transition into a more casual or fun look for a night out with small tweaks giving you essentially double the wardrobe - you'll see how I've transitioned my Bento Box pieces below.

Here are 5 reasons why I love MM. LaFleur's Bento Box:


Let's face it - life's busy. I can't recall the last time a fellow working mom said it was easy juggling all the things a we juggle and still have time for ourselves on any level. For me, I feel like I am forever balancing and looking for ways to buy time. It took me only about 5 minutes to complete the survey and then I waited for my box. Simple as that!


Every piece fit as though it was tailor made for me. Their styles and patterns are classic and timeless. You can easily transition from the more formal and purposeful feel of the work environment to a more casual and carefree look without sacrificing style.

Photography of " Nell Top " by:  Jeriann Severson Photography


As you can see from the pictures, with very simple changes, you can turn your work day clothing into an evening out. It just doesn't get any easier than that. Everything I used to "dress down" the work day outfit was from my existing closet - no new purchases. There are still many ways you can change the look with these pieces. 


Another stand out for me with MM. LaFleur is the quality of the fabric used for all the pieces. From fabric that doesn't wrinkle, breathable fabric and fabric that's machine washable and still manages to retain its shape, each piece possesses its own unique characteristic. Their fabric won't pill, is soft on the skin, and makes you feel like a million dollars - the quality is simply outstanding.


For a company to say their "clothes don't really look good on hangers" is bold statement and telling at the same time. Did you know most clothing brands do anywhere from 3-4 fittings on a real life "body" to make sure their clothing fits the way it's supposed to? Higher end brands typically do 5 fittings. MM. LaFleur does anywhere from 6-10 and sometimes up to 20 fittings to make sure their pieces fit the way they are supposed to. Again, gives you an idea of not only their meticulous nature but also the dedication to their product and ultimately their clientel. I love the way I feel in each piece. 

Have you tried the Bento Box before or any of MM. LaFleur's pieces? Share your comments below and let me know! Hugs! Mama K

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