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My Favorite Glossier Products

My Favorite Glossier Products

Well, I’ll put the disclaimer out right now - this is not an advertisement, nor a paid sponsorship. It’s just me sharing my thoughts about a company whose products not only surprised me, but also impressed me.

Stretch Concealer:

Let me start out by saying not all concealers are created equal. There are so many types and I’ve tried many.  Although there are several that I do like, Glossier’s Stretch Concealer is my favorite so far. I use my ring finger to apply it under my eyes using a patting motion. It requires minimal product to provide full coverage for the dark circles.

Photo Credit:  Glossier

Photo Credit: Glossier

Cloud Paint:

Why do we wear blush? Well for starters, it brightens your face. I am guilty of never wearing blush until I tried Glossier’s Cloud Paint. It’s a noticeable difference once you’ve applied it. Cloud Paint is so easy to use - just squeeze a small amount on your finger, then pat right below your cheekbones up towards your temple and hairline. I love that it’s so easy to apply and takes just minutes.

Photo Credit:  Collection of Vials

Photo Credit: Collection of Vials


I never understood what highlighter was used for until I was introduced to Glossier’s Haloscope. It’s actually a dual stick that provides this “dewy” glow while highlighting your features creating an elongated look. I pass one swipe on both cheekbones towards my temple and blend it in with my fingers overlapping a little with the cloud paint. So easy.


This product was by far my most surprising one yet. Glossier’s Solution literally transforms your skin. Their description says about 4 four weeks, I noticed a difference in 4 days. There are many high dollar procedures where your skin’s top surface is scraped off with days, sometimes weeks of recovery time, but the Solution gently removes dead skin cells revealing healthier skin that’s hiding beneath.

For me, I was really surprised when after just washing my face with cleanser the cotton pad was covered. At first I wondered if my skin did not get clean enough with the cleanser, tried again with another cleanser still getting the same result. Repeating the Solution made me realize it was actually the dead skin cells being removed.

Within days, I noticed the pores on my nose had decreased in size, and my skin seemed smoother allowing my moisturizer and makeup to go on smoother with a more natural look.

Photo Credit:  The Debrief

Photo Credit: The Debrief

Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen:

If you have followed my posts, you know I have gone most of my life without wearing sunscreen. I know that’s horrible for my skin - I just never liked the heavy, greasy feeling of wearing it not to mention the ghost like film on my skin making me look like I haven’t seen daylight in decades.

Fun (or not so fun) Fact: It take 30 (that’s right 30) years for sun damage to appear on your skin. So the damage you did on your skin when you were 16, will show up in your mid forties. I don’t know about you, but that scares me.

Well, Glossier who has built their products around female feedback, created an Invisible Shield daily sunscreen that even yours truly uses. It is a “clear watergel” formula that virtually absorbs into your skin immediately without any white residue or greasiness. Its SPF 35 helps reduce sun damage which in-turn reduces the risk of cancer and also “works to neutralize harmful free radicals, and keeps pollutant junk” out of your skin.

This is the first time I have ever consistently worn sunscreen on my skin - that says a lot from this anti-sunscreen girl.

Photo Credit:  Stained Couture

Photo Credit: Stained Couture

Glossier has other products which I like; however, these five in particular are my favorites.

Let me know which product of theirs is your favorite or if you have a different way of applying yours.

Hugs! Mama K

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