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Ask Mama K Anything

Ask Mama K Anything

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This marks a weekly Monday series of asking me anything that's on your mind. I have had an overwhelming response of question submissions so I will be answering 3 questions a week in order to no overload you all on my thoughts on matters. If there is a quick, simple answer to a question, I will answer more than the designated 3. Hope you all enjoy and if you wish to ask an anonymous question(s), click HERE.

Monday, July 30, 2018

What is your favorite breakfast to eat?

Mama K Response: I dislike breakfast like you would't believe. Give me a cup of coffee and I am completely content. I know it's the most important meal of the day, but I'm not a fan - especially of eggs - can't stand them.

Having said that, if I do need to eat breakfast, my favorite thing to eat hands down is a piece of toast with cream cheese, and apricot or strawberry jelly. So easy and simple, yet tasty. 

If I am in need of protein or know I have a really busy morning ahead of me, I will toast one piece of whole wheat bread until crunchy, spread half an avocado on top, with a dash of salt and freshly ground pepper and some lemon juice. So good.

If I want to have the avocado toast for lunch, I just add thinly sliced radish and cilantro on top - ridiculously delicious. Hope this answers your question! Hugs, Mama K

What inspired you to create your blog and what keeps you going?

Mama K Response: Great question. I'm not sure there was any particular inspiration that initiated my blog. I was working on another project that didn't come together as expected, had a pricey website on my hands and wasn't sure what to do with it. Blogging on my own was not really ever on my list of ambitions, but as I tried to think of other ways to use this website I owned, nothing seemed to fit. I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. I had nothing to lose. If it didn't take off, at least I tried. 

Thankfully, the website did well and I grew enough to have to launch a new website to accommodate for the traffic coming through everyday. One day I will write more about the rest and the journey. Hope this answers your question! Hugs, Mama K

As a mother, do you ever feel you are taken advantage of and taken for granted by your children? I am constantly feeling this and can't help but feel resentment towards my children. How should I get rid of this feeling?

Mama K Response: Oh my goodness, very often! I think it's natural to feel that way sometimes. The one thing that helps me immensely is remembering how I was with my parents. It's that age - I remember doing the same thing with my parents and nothing seemed to be enough. 

As a mother now, I sometimes feel like I am being pulled in many directions by not only my children, but sometimes my husband too. Look at it this way - your children and husband depend so much on you that they are constantly coming to you rather than to others for solutions, help and guidance. Doesn't make them bad people. Youngsters are so self involved they don't realize it and continue to demand.

I have realized since my daughter went to college and started really maturing that they actually do care, and are cognizant of what you do for them, but don't actually put two and two together until they grow up a little.

Hang in there - constant conversations with family about how you feel (without whining of course) and suggest solutions. Complaining doesn't solve anything. You don't like it, have a solution and verbalize it. Hope this helps! Hugs, Mama K

Monday, July 23, 2018

My parents are fighting a lot about finances and leaning towards divorce. My mom is very depressed and angry all the time. Things are constantly getting worse.Any thought or positivity?? Thank you!

Mama K Response: It's never fun when parents argue - no matter what age you are. I always felt torn apart when mine fought - even if it was simple bickering. I get it. I don't know how old you are or the extent of the arguing amongst your parents - is it just the finances or are there other variables involved? I can tell you that your mom may be depressed or angry because it's just a lot going on with her.

Finances are a tough thing in any relationship - it's the 3rd leading cause of divorce. My initial thought with the limited information I have is the importance of trying to not get overly stressed out. This may be a bump in the road for your parents and if it does lead to divorce (hopefully not) know they love you and it has nothing to do with you and you are not the cause. 

Talk to your parents and let them know how you are feeling. Your feelings need to be heard but time it so it's not right after an argument  - perhaps when things are quiet. Continue with your life and don't feel like you need to put anything on hold because mom and dad are struggling right now. You need to take care of you. I don't know how much this may help, but please feel free to ask another question with more details. Chin up - everything happens for a reason and we grow from challenges like these - although not fun, something we are supposed to learn will present itself at some point. Sending you virtual Hugs, Mama K

I can't seem to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. It's not makeup and no matter how much I try, the dark circles still show through. I am using mineral powder all over my face trying to make it look more even but it doesn't seem to be working. Help! 

Mama K Response: Are you using any sort of concealer under your eyes or priming moisturizer on your face? Here's what I do since I have dark circles under my eyes as well.

After cleansing and drying my face, I put concealer under my eyes and pat it thoroughly all around my eyes making sure I get under my lower eyelashes. I then mix a little bit of liquid concealer with my priming moisturizer and apply all over my face including under my eyes. Finally, I brush tinted mineral powder all around to complete the base. 

This combination seems to work really well for me. Hope this helps and let me know if you have other questions! Hugs, Mama K

With school starting and all the paperwork that comes home, how do you keep yourself organized?

Mama K Response: Ugh! The first week or two of school is brutal with paperwork. And writing checks for everything! With multiple children, it becomes challenging sorting through everything and remembering deadlines, etc. I typically use something like this magazine holder per child. I kept a master calendar on my desk per month (I literally just printed one off the internet) and used a dedicated color per child. It helped quite a bit. I never did any paperwork in the morning before school. Bags were always packed the night before. Hope this helps! Hugs, Mama K

Monday, July 16, 2018

Mama K, I am a married mom of 2 in an unhappy marriage. My children are both under the age of 5 and my husband seems to not have any interest or patience in dealing with them. I feel alone and defeated. My husband barely acknowledges me and barely looks at me when we are having a conversation. Am I headed for Divorce?

Mama K Response: You sound like you have your hands full and it's basically a one man show. I am limited to the entire dynamics of your marriage, so I will respond with knowing only the information you provided above. 

Marriage, like a plant, needs nurturing. If a seed is planted, it can't grow without nutrients. Without nutrients, the plant will not be strong. A weak plant can not withstand the inclement weather and strong winds that occasionally come its way because it has not be nurtured enough to grow strong and unmovable. 

Like a plant, a marriage needs constant nurturing - no matter how long partners have been together. Children, work, finances, outside variables are all the storms, winds, inclement weather that will come forth in a marriage and really test its strength. 

I think you need to have a candid conversation with your husband and let him know how you are feeling. If you don't feel he is listening to what you are saying, I would suggest stopping, pointing out that he is not giving you his undivided attention then speaking. He may not realize that he isn't helping out. He may think you want things done your way so why bother. There may be different issues he's dealing with and hasn't shared with you. First and foremost, you need to have a candid, uninterrupted conversation. 

I hope this first step helps. Here if you have further questions. Hugs, Mama K

I just love your Instagram posts and blog! How do you have time to juggle work and family? Any tips?

Mama K Response: Thanks for your question! It's not easy. Boy is it not easy. I will say, I am extremely fortunate to have a very supportive husband and kiddos who are truly patient individuals and not only help, but are patient with me while I navigate the world of working mother/blogger/volunteer. 

I think one of the key things that help beyond the support of my family has been staying organized. It has been a huge help. I have had my moments - especially in the last few weeks where I sometimes felt like I was choking and barely keeping my head above water, but going back to the basics and getting organized really helped.

I also make sure to put a small amount of time aside for myself. It's not only for my mental well-being, but also for my emotional well-being too. 

I have other tips on how I manage it all and you can read those on my post HERE.

I hope this helps and feel free to submit any other question(s) you may have. Hugs, Mama K

Can you share one of your favorite beauty hacks?

Mama K Response: Hmm, I have quite a few hacks, but the one that I stumbled upon by accident was mixing my concealer with my priming moisturizer. I usually put my concealer on under my eyes first, then put my priming moisturizer on. One morning, while in a hurry, I put the priming moisturizer on my finger without realizing that I hadn't done my concealer yet. 

Not wanting to waste the priming moisturizer and not wanting to waste any more time, I squeezed some concealer on top of the priming moisturizer and put it all over my face. It looked so smooth, so natural, that I began doing that more often! 

Who knows, maybe it's not really a beauty hack and a common practice! For me, it was a pleasant surprise, hence a hack for me. If you are interested in learning more about the priming moisturizer and concealer along with other products I use, click HERE.

I hope this was helpful. Feel free to submit another question(s) HERE or comment below.

Hugs, Mama K

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