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Citrus Salad

Citrus Salad

Above Photo Credit: Kristen Kaethler

I used to not be a big fan of goat cheese however, I have come to love the added flavor it brings to some key dishes - especially salads. My favorite lately has been herbed goat cheese - such a fresh flavor. I add it to my version of a citrus salad and it is a must year round but especially when citrus fruits are in season. Here’s the simple recipe:


2 Naval Oranges

2 Blood Oranges

2 Grapefruit

*Note: Pick your favorite citrus - I use the above for a slightly varied flavor and different colors to make the salad more colorful.

1/3 cup herbed goat cheese, crumbled

4 tablespoons honey or agave

4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar (I use white balsamic vinegar to keep the dressing light in color so it doesn’t change the color of the fruit)

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

Mint Leaves (about 5-6 whole leaves)

Basil leaves (about 506 whole leaves)

Himalayan Salt (kosher salt is fine too) and fresh ground black pepper


  • Peel and cut fruit into slices to desired thickness making sure to discard any seeds

  • With a whisk, combine the honey and balsamic vinegar together. Once combined, slowly pour in the olive oil while continuously whisking. Continue whisking until you have completely combined everything into the dressing. (This is called emulsifying). Season with a little salt and pepper.

  • Plate the fruit on the serving platter and drizzle with as much dressing as you like. You will have left over dressing unless you like a lot of it on the fruit. Sprinkle the top with the coarsely chopped basil and mint and season once again with salt and pepper.

  • Top with crumbled goat cheese and serve

Hope you enjoy this recipe! Send me your favorite recipe here and be featured on my website!


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