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My Favorite Handbags for Spring 2019

My Favorite Handbags for Spring 2019

My name is Neda and I have an obsession with handbags. I can wear the same shoes every single day and be completely content. Handbags, on the other hand, are just something that makes my heart flutter and something I can’t seem to get enough of. You’re probably thinking that it’s silly, but in all honesty, there is just something I love about them. Sort of like walking through an office supply store - you just can’t get enough rainbow colored paperclips.

After realizing I spent an extremely long time online looking at spring handbags, I decided to show you all my favorites. Yes, there are a lot but I just loved so many of them.

Comment below on whether you’re a large handbag lover or a smaller, crossbody/belt bag fan. Who is your favorite designer? I don’t discriminate - I love any and all handbags regardless of designer status.

Let me know which one is your favorite!

Which one is your favorite?


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